Ephesians 5:11-12 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.
For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.

This website is dedicated to all who share a passion for pro-life ministry at Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois, and who wish to minister there without being harassed and persecuted by Small Victories Ministry.

The leaders of Small Victories have a long history of bullying
those who won't  unquestioningly submit to their self-imagined authority, blindly obey them or support them financially. It is time for that to stop and for them to be exposed for what they really do.

We need to be clear that this is not related to an isolated incident.
This is not about a single person, group, or even a single church.
Small Victories has inflicted this outrageous interference and behavior  toward many different people and groups at many different times over the years, people who are both related and unrelated to the pro-life work in Granite City, Illinois.

In the past five years, many attempts have been made to reconcile the division that has been thrown up by Small Victories. The leaders of Small Victories have refused to try to reconcile this division.

Because there is no structure of accountability that the aggrieved parties can appeal to, this website has been created as a last resort to appeal to the pro-life community and the worldwide body of Christ and "church" to intervene.

A pro-lifer standing outside an abortion clinic would expect to be harassed by abortion supporter, but to be harassed by a leader of a supposed pro-life, Christian ministry is shocking, unbiblical and unsupportable. It is this outrageous interference and behavior that has driven away dozens of pro-lifers, which has in turn decreased the effectiveness of pro-life work outside the abortion clinic.

The leadership of Small Victories has made many outrageous accusations  without any proof to back them up. Many times these accusations have been made in public formats and venues, such as the sidewalk in front of the clinic, on Small Victories' website, and on their former radio program. Small Victories has accused other pro-lifers of being troublemakers, adulterers, womanizers, fornicators, liars, hypocrites and lovers of death, child molesters, harlots and workers of evil.

Their President has also said that these other pro-lifers have been removed from places of leadership in their respective churches, or asked to leave their churches.

These statements are all false, without proof or basis in fact, and intended to do nothing but defame the good name of these other pro-lifers and so called "troublemakers".

When asked to provide proof, the leaders in question respond with, “We have been here for 17 years, we should not have to provide proof  you should just take our word for it." Then the person asking for proof becomes “just as bad as those troublemakers, and liars over there,” and is treated by Small Victories like they are the ones that are doing something wrong.

The information found in this website will show that many of the foundational statements and claims of the leaders of Small Victories are false, and can be proven false using public records and documents.  This brings in to question all of the statements and claims made by their leadership, and spawns hard questions about the real effectiveness of their entire ministry. If their aim is truly to rescue babies and women from the horror of abortion, why do they spend so much time and energy harassing other pro-lifers, people whom they should be glad to have working alongside them. Wouldn't this energy be put to much better use fighting abortion and helping women?   

All of the documents shown here are available using either the Freedom of Information Act, or court and public records requests.

Video and audiotapes supplied here have been acquired from either personal recording devices or taken directly from public broadcast media, such as the Internet and radio broadcasts.

Photographs included here have been taken from press releases issued by Small Victories, or from publicly available sources such as newspapers and other public media.

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