Past Incidents of Outrageous Interference and Behavior
List of Incidents

The following is a list, in random order, of various incidents that have been perpetrated by Small Victories.

v Accusing other pro-lifers of being adulterers, fornicaters and womanizers,
        in spoken words as well as written.

v Physically shoving other pro-lifers away from abortion bound women
       when engaged in conversations.

v Placing a boom box on the ground near other pro-lifers and blasting music
        to drown out the voices of the other pro-lifers.  If the music is turned down,
        Small Victories leaders have called the police to complain about violation of
        their property.  Other times they aggressively confront the other pro-lifers
        accusing them of vandalism.

v Accusing John B. of being a fake minister in a clerical collar.

v Telling other pro-lifers or new people to the sidewalk, or even passersby on
        their way to the hospital across the street that other pro-lifers who are not
        with Small Victories are dangerous and will physically harm them.

v Telling one group of one religious denomination that another group of a
        different religious denomination hates them and will harm them if given the

v Referring to other pro-lifers as King James bullies, fake Christians, bugs,  
       maggots, frauds, liars and hypocrites.

v The president of Small Victories writes on her website frequently that other
        pro-lifers have assaulted or harmed Small Victories supporters or Small
       Victories’ property.

v The president of Small Victories writes on her website that the police were
        called on other pro-lifers because of wrongdoing on the part of the other

v Invading other pro-lifer’s personal space, i.e. getting within 2 inches of a
        person’s face or ear.

v Small Victories continually photographing or taking video of other pro-lifers
        in an intimidating fashion.  Frequently using said photos on the website with
        text that incorrectly misidentifies what is going on in the photo.

v When other pro-life groups have had special events, the treasurer of Small
        Victories has made a point to threaten to picket the events. 

v When other pro-life groups have had speaking events, the treasurer of Small
        Victories has called the places where the event will take place and  
         complained that the people in the other pro-life group are hypocrites, liars,

v Hijacking and spamming of another pro-life group’s email distribution list.

v Accusing Cletus Kiefer of molesting his daughters and being on the run from
        the law.

v Blowing a bullhorn in John B.’s ear.

v Spitting in Kelly H’s face.

v Encouraging a foul-mouthed woman to harass Cletus Kiefer and John B.

v Lying about other pro-lifers on the radio.

v Pointing out other pro-lifers by name to the clinic guards and asking them to
        call the police on them.

v Ripping up the scriptures another pro-lifer gave them when asking for their
        forgiveness for anything she may have done to offend them.

v Picketing Chatham Bible Church and calling them an apostate church on the
        Small Victories website.

v Calling the police on other pro-lifers.

v Picketing Cletus Kiefer’s church.

v Apologizing for other pro-lifers to the women going into the clinic.

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