Lets examine for a moment how the president of Small Victories interacts with one particular past supporter of her ministry.  His name is John Bailiff and he is referred to as “Brother John”.  We first look at how he is referred to in street reports on Operation Save America’s website purportedly made by the President of Small Victories.
(We have underlined the pertinent sections for clarity.)


"Small Victories" Reporting from the Streets of Granite City

1st Quarter reports
from January - March 2003
February 10, 2003
“Deathcamp Guard Paulette Holis mistook 12 yr. old Arielle for an abortion client. Arielle was getting out of Brother John’s family van after entertaining his children, while he preached outside the Hopeless mill. Holis approached Arielle and offered to get her into the abortion clinic! Arielle was shocked, she told Sgt. Holis, "I’m not getting an abortion!" Arielle’s dad wasn’t far away, she ran to him and Daniel yelled at Holis, "Are you crazy? She’s only 12 years old! Brother John then held Arielle on the front sidewalk and rebuked Sgt. Holis’s irresponsible behavior and reminded her of the child-predator cover-up the abortion industry thrives on.”

So, the president of Small Victories is at this point in time, friendly enough with Mr. Bailiff to allow her young daughter to spend time in his family van with his family members.  She is also comfortable enough to allow him to defend her daughter to clinic security.


3rd Quarter reports
from July - September 2003

August 4-9
Death toll for the week of August 4th-9th
A woman came out of Gateway Regional surrounded by family members and began wailing. True sorrow began to fill the street as she wept for her 2mo.old daughter Raelynn, who was  pronounced DOA. Angela and brother John crossed the street to pray and comfort this family, who earlier came across the street and asked us all to pray for them.

Here we see that the president of Small Victories and Mr. Bailiff are working as a team to pray for this family.


1st Quarter reports
from January - March 2004

February 2-7
Death toll for February 2nd - 7th
We then noticed her flat tire. She pleaded for the Hope(less) deathcamp guard to help her, he declined. She then asked permission for one of the proclaimers to come onto the parking lot to help her change her tire. Once again, the guard said "No!". So the young girl maneuvered her disabled car onto the street, off clinic property, so brother John could lay in the snow and falling sleet so that he could change her tire. Sometime later "Kerri" barely able to walk, came out of the mill with her brown bag, looking rather pale and dishelved. Her baby was dead. Her friend helped her in the car, and came around to John and thanked him and hugged him for his kindness.

In this account, Mr. Bailiff voluntarily helps change a tire in the snow for a woman who is bringing someone for an abortion.  This seems quite non-judgmental to this author and very giving. 

August 16 - 21

Photo as captioned on Small Victories Website

In this photo the caption identifies Brother John and Angela (the president of Small Victories) as speaking with the Promise Keeper from Nigeria.  Close examination seems to show only Brother John speaking with this gentleman, however the president of Small Victories felt enough solidarity with Brother John to include herself in this caption.


January 31 - February 5
Death Toll January 31- February 5, 2005
The first week of February "Black History" month was off to a shameful start, as we saw the approximate demise of over 87 black babies of the 139 babies murdered this past week. Not one black church, let alone the black community, with the exception of brother John, stood in the gap as our brothers and sisters were being beaten with tongs, ripped apart, and literally "lynched" in their mother's womb by white abortionists.
Here the president of Small Victories acknowledges that Brother John was the only member of the black community to stand for life in front of the abortion clinic.

Then from the Small Victories website:


Street Report April 25-30, 2005
Saturday- 46  IN, KY, OK, KS, MO, IL3 saves      Lifesavers’ numbers swelled as Operation Save America Director Flip Benham lead the charge at these gates. Brother John preached the gospel to mothers and fathers as they stood in line to sign away their children’s lives.

Street Report October 17-22, 2005
Bro. John preached the Word as church without walls went forth.


Street Report February 27- March 4, 2006
Saturday- 52      AK, IN4, GA, MO, IL      4 saves      2 salvations     One out-of-town priest represented clergy as a small group prayed the rosary. Fifteen proclaimers stood strategically on these frontlines in defense of the pre-born. Bro. John preached the Word as praise and worship filled the air of this gritty steel-mill town.

In the above snippets from Small Victories own website the president of Small Victories acknowledges that Brother John preaches the Word outside the abortion clinic.  It would seem that this is an approved of activity as there is no comment to the contrary.

Then the “change”
The President of Small Victories now begins to identify John as an imposter and a “scream preacher.

Street Report Sep 18-23, 2006


There were alot of complaints on the sidewalk regarding the imposter "scream preacher",

Philippians 1:15 “It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill. The latter do so in love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains.”

There are those on the sidewalk who profess to follow the cross of Christ but are enemies of the Cross. They have done much to cause strife and to hurt our cause and to drive innocent babies inside this death mill by their actions, by their witness, by their gossip. Or by their screaming. We have much innocent blood on our hands also, it should cause us to weep and repent.


Street Report October 9-14, 2006

Saturday- 38      TN, IN, MO, IL     3 saves       35 pro-lifers    It was very cold and windy as we began the remnant in prayer, the morning sun was coming up. At least five mothers from the day before were already inside. John B was there very early before we arrived, screaming the Gospel at anyone going inside. Who needs escorts?


Street Report October 30-Nov 4, 2006
Saturday- 44      AK, FL, MO, IL     20 pro-lifers     The scream preacher-boy was there screaming the gospel at the women sitting in their cars waiting for the deathcamp doors to be unlocked. You could hear it two blocks away over at Mc Donald’s. A small rosary group made a showing.


Street Report Nov 13-18, 2006

Saturday- 49       IN, TN, KY, NC, IA MO, IL      2 saves     24 pro-lifers    It was Santa Parade Saturday; the city was rolling out the bloody red carpet for the 11th annual Christmas pageantry along the washboard streets in this City of Slaughter. We arrived at the crime scene to hear John "scream preaching" the babies to their deaths. One of the guards came out to update me with the Saturday Asylum report. The other guard put a broom between his legs as if he were riding it and pointed to the women in the alley. We commended the Pharisees and Holy hypocrites on the sidewalk for the fine job they were doing. They profess Jesus with their lips, but have war in their hearts. They pray with one eye shut, the other eye plotting. They gravitated to "krazy korner" and stayed there, and it did quiet down so the Lord could move outside and inside this deathcamp.

Why the change of heart?  What could have happened to change the president of Small Victories attitude toward this man?

Could it be his defense of the woman that the president of Small Victories spit on and wanted all to shun?  (see the September 2006 video in the videos section)



Could it be his openness and friendliness to anyone that the president of Small Victories did not like?

Could it be that he is more effective in reaching out to the lost, and turning them away from this place? 

Perhaps it is all of these things.

The president of Small Victories did not limit herself to just printing outrageous things about John Bailiff.  She threw in some outrageous action just to keep the bullying going.  Please view the still photos below where the president of Small Victories uses a bullhorn directly in Mr. Bailiff’s ear.


In person, in front of the clinic, the president of Small Victories has said for all to hear that Brother John is an “imposter” or “imposter pastor” wearing a “fake clerical collar” and he is “not a minister”.  She has also said that he has been “kicked out of every church he has ever attended.”  Let’s examine those statements.

In this PDF document to the left, you will see the identification cards that the Church of God in Christ organization issues to their ministers. As you can see in the document these cards start in 1994 and continue on until 2008.

(We have redacted the Ministers address for reasons of privacy.)
The minister has provided us with these cards without question and without pause.

A call to the Church of God In Christ organization has confirmed that yes, Minister John Bailiff is in fact still a member in good standing of this church and he is in fact still a minister and is now an elder in his church.

As for the comment about him being kicked out of every church he ever attended. How would the president of Small Victories know this? 
Has she done an extensive background check on this man and interviewed people at all the churches he has attended in his whole life?

If so, how much did that cost and where did the money come from to pay for such a background check? 

Also, if she has proof, why not present such proof for all to see instead of just accusing him verbally in public? 

Quite simply this is just another example of the outrageous interference in the way of false accusations and innuendo that the president of Small Victories seems to revel in.

The statements that Small Victories has made about John Bailiff are in fact lies. Out and out lies, intended to discredit John Bailiff and reduce his public stock if you will in the community as a whole and the pro-life community specifically.

It is obvious that no one at Small Victories has done any kind of a background check on John Bailiff. If they had, they would have found what we have found, that John Bailiff is a member in good standing of his local regional church, a minister ordained and approved.
These are facts that are easily checked and cross-checked and verified.

Small Victories credentials on the other hand are the type of smoke and mirrors, implied but unable to be proven, alluded to but false in the end.
Again, the owners, authors and board of this website ask that when you the reader hear these accusations, demand proof, do not believe what Small Victories tells you without it.

Blatant Harassment of a Pro-Lifer
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