“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
Abraham Lincoln

The President of Small Victories has on numerous occasions slandered other pro-lifers in front of the clinic by calling them “adulterers,” and accusingly asked them how many wives or husbands they have had in their past!  She has also accused people of using false names to hide their identity. She has clearly done this with the intention of discrediting the other pro-lifers
and causing them pain over the destruction of their marriage. 

While this may seem to be just a bizarre case of bullying, a close look at court records shows that she herself has in fact been married twice, has changed her name, and that her real name is not even the one she uses today. So on one hand she verbally attacks other pro-lifers who go there to minister, and on the other she continually misrepresents herself and her family.

Quite frankly, in this writer’s opinion this is nothing more than a case of the pot calling the kettle black, or projection.

Public records show that in 1976, Angela married a man named Daniel Scott of Highland, IL.  This fact can be easily overlooked when searching public records.  This is obscured because at the time of her marriage, Angela was using the name Debra A. Davis, the name this writer believes she was given at birth.

First Marriage License 
                 Second Marriage License

By the time her divorce was finalized and she applied for a marriage license for her marriage to Daniel Michael, (just seven years later) Angela was using the name Mrs. Angele Scott. Note that she was spelling her name with
an “e" on the end instead of an “a”.

This name change is also borne out by her LPN licensure record, which she originally applied for using the name Debra Davis, and gradually changed to Angele with an “e”.
She has yet to change the spelling, even on her current LPN license. 
One has to wonder when and why she began using the more conventional spelling.

See the license verification from the state of Missouri

One Thing Leads to Another
The President of Small Victories has also accused certain pro-lifers in front of the clinic of using their children as a “meal ticket.”  With this in mind, the leaders of Small Victories have claimed that Daniel Michael is the natural father of 11 children, and the family portrait on their website also can give this appearance.  The facts are that the divorce records show that Daniel Michael is not the natural father of Angela’s first four children - Daniel Scott is.

The court and child support records show that Daniel Scott was called on many times to increase the child support for the children. Motions that were filed pro se (without an attorney) have the P O Box that is currently being used by Small Victories and are filed with the name of Small Victories’ president as the petitioner.  Two notes written by Angela and Daniel Michael and signed by them in their own hand, were delivered to the court threatening to give the children to the Illinois Division of Family Services if Mr. Scott did not take the children for a while to give the Michaels relief.

       First Note to the Court   

        Warning to Judge

The last pro se motion to increase child support was in 1998 shortly before the youngest Scott child was scheduled to enter the military on his 18th birthday.  With this in mind, who then was using their children as a meal ticket in reality?

While it may not matter to the supporters of Small Victories whether or not a person is divorced and remarried and still ministers at the clinic, it clearly matters to Angela.  It matters so much so that she devotes time and energy attacking others at the clinic for that instead of using those same resources to save babies. 

Being dishonest about the father of her first four children, and publicly slandering others for the very same things she has done brings into question the credibility of the entire ministry.  

It is for this reason that the pro-life community must rise up and demand that she stop this outrageous interference of other pro-lifers and pro-life ministries’ work.

While she and Daniel are wasting the time of the pro-life workers and ministries involved, there are babies being aborted inside that clinic.

Every day that they attack other pro-lifers is one more day that the enemy wins. As they burn their time and resources taking out other pro-lifers, they do nothing to save the lives of those babies.

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