It has become clear that the foundation Small Victories has been built upon is fraudulent.

Small Victories would have their supporters, the public and their clients, believe that their President is a Registered Nurse with many years of advanced training and work experience.

Interestingly in this clip the speaker says she has worked only in
obstetrics, but then in the later clips says she is a school nurse
or a nurse in school, how is this obstetrics?

Illinois regulations require school nurses to be section 73 Certified Registered Nurses, with at least a baccalaureate degree and with continuous annual training, how is it possible for her to be a school nurse legally, being that she is an LPN not an RN?
See the requirements for becoming a school nurse here.

The President of Small Victories only holds an LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse license in Missouri. At the date of this writing she holds no active license in Illinois at all.

This is far from the Associates degree she told Newsweek she holds, and farther still from her actual experience in the nursing field.

License Lookup for Illinois Div. of Professional Regulation

Nursys Licensure Quick report    Nursys Website

While there are people with similar names that do hold licenses in Illinois, they are not the President of Small Victories living in Highland, Illinois.

Interestingly enough in July 2002 when the entire board of Small Victories was being sued by Hope Clinic and Jane Doe, their President / Director had no problem admitting in a deposition that she was a "Licensed Practical Nurse" not a Registered Nurse.

See the Deposition Document Provided by Steven Wetzel on his website MTTU.COM in 2007 in an article titled.

The Angela Michael Story - the $150000 lawsuit uncovered"

Their statement under oath

Verification of Licensure from State of Missouri

But wait, why would they lie about this?

The main reason they would lie about it, is that it raises their
"personal value" or increases the respect and opinion that
people have of them.

If people knew that their Director / President was only an LPN and not a Registered Nurse, they may be less likely to listen to and believe her when she makes statements about what goes on in the clinic, or what a woman who is pregnant should do.

For quite some time many hospitals have had rules that do not
allow LPNs to work in labor and delivery rooms.

This is only now starting to change with the advent of LPNs
being IV certified, perfusion certified, etc.

It was not the rule when Small Victories Director was working in nursing from 1976 to 1998.

Why is this important?

If telling the truth is no longer important, than why tell the truth at
all ever?

If Small Victories Director has the experience and training of a Registered Nurse, why are they lying about it?

If their Director truly has an Associates degree why has she not raised her licensure level to actually being a Registered Nurse?

Why has she not gotten her license in Illinois?

The only person who truly knows these answers is the Director herself, however we can draw a pretty good hypothesis that they have  not done these things because she is not trained to be a registered nurse.

We know this because she still only holds an LPN license. She reactivated it only after a Newsweek article in 2007came out
nationally that pointed out her license did not exist or was inactive.

It is also possible that Small Victories Director will not get her license in Illinois because she will then be formally held to a higher standard of a true professional, one that can and will be legally enforced.

On their website, Small Victories continually calls for the Division of Professional Registration to investigate, prosecute and sanction
abuses they say exist at Hope Clinic and with its employees.
They do not however, place their ministry under these same regulations.

Why is this important?

Because if Small Victories were to be held to these regulations,
they would not measure up.

Since their Director / President only holds an LPN license she would have to have someone of higher authority such as a Doctor, or Advanced Practice Nurse, run the ministry's day-to-day activities related to medical procedures and advice.  This would relieve their Director of her position as President of Small Victories and make her more of an assistant than a leader. 

How does this affect anything?

If Small Victories is using the statement and claim that their Director is a Registered Nurse, to run the ministry, and increase their donations,
with the donor believing that she is a Registered Nurse, then they
are basing their ministry and income to it on a falsehood.

She is not at the time of this writing, nor at any time before been a Registered Nurse.

She has held an LPN License in Illinois while she was working at a hospital in Highland, but she has never held a Registered Nurses license.

Why does it matter that she is not a Registered Nurse?

Because someone who actually holds an RN license in Illinois is required to continually attend training and education to keep up
with new methods, procedures, and regulations (such as The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005, HIIPA of 1996, etc.). This would require that their Director / President attend classes, and in-services and special training to keep her current.  Because she is not licensed in Illinois, she does not have to do these things.

Why is this important?

When people are giving money to a non-profit group they should be told the truth about what it is being used for, and by whom.

So many things about pregnancy care have changed in the last
ten years that it would be hard, if not impossible to "catch up"
without the training and guidance of a doctor or advanced care professional.

What does it matter what license she holds?
After all they are doing a lot of good work.

The answer is accountability.

When you hold a license you are accountable to someone outside
of your office, or organization that can step in and assess if you
have been doing something wrong.

To whom is Small Victories Board of Directors accountable?

The state of Illinois?

No we have already shown that Small Victories Director does not have a license to practice nursing in Illinois.

The Archdiocese?

No, they are not part of the Archdiocese.

The Knights of Columbus?
NO Small Victories has made it clear in letters written to the editor
of the Highland News Leader and in statements to the Knights of Columbus in Highland that they are not accountable to them.

Flip Benham & Operation Save America?
No, Mr. Benham has been asked to hold them accountable for their actions, and he has refused to do so, saying that he has no place or authority to do so.

That is why we are now calling on the pro-life community and the public in general to hold Small Victories accountable by refusing to support them until Small Victories comes clean and explains this licensing situation and either rectifies it, or stops calling their Director a Registered Nurse.

If they are innocent, they should have no problem proving it.

Registered Nurse or ...?????
The Deposition
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