A sample of the outrageous interference that Small Victories inflict on other pro-lifers.

While this video is a little over three years old, it is important to note that the behavior exhibited here has not stopped, while it is not an every day occurrence, it is still ongoing to various degrees.
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***Fair Warning. The two Haughty Woman Videos contain graphic obscene language and racial hate speech. ****

Avoid having children within listening distance during the watching of these videos.

Those who are offended by obscenities, and foul language should not view them.

The person who filmed these videos and other witnesses tell us that the woman in these videos was seen entering the ultrasound van owned by Small Victories and spent about 15 minutes in the van with the President and Secretary of Small Victories just before she began the tirade you see on these videos.

This writer can only conclude that she was sent by Small Victories to harass the cameraman and the preacher in the videos.  Her speech and epithets at the beginning and throughout the video suggest that she got her information from the President of Small Victories as the cameraman had never spoken to the woman before this day, and there was no other way she could have made the false accusation of child molestation towards the cameraman.

Her threats towards the preacher are racially charged and intended to drive him away in fear for his safety and even his life.

Warning: Haughty Woman Videos contain STRONG ADULT language NOT suitable for children.
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The button marked "September 2006 Attack on Kelly " will take you to the video of the aftermath of an attack on another Pro-lifer from 2006.  This video was filmed by a pro-choice clinic escort as it was happening then posted on to

In this video the preacher points out to the Secretary of Small Victories that the President of Small Victories has just done a horrible thing. She has just spit in the face of another Pro-Lifer named Kelly.  For the explanation of what happened just before this, please see the testimonies section (Coming Soon) .

Note that the Director of Small Victories is using her best material here, that she has spoken to the woman's pastor, and he has told her very private and personal information about the woman  i.e. She is unstable and her marriage is in trouble. That "the Arnold police are looking for you" .

She then starts playing right to the camera, explaining what she has just done.

Remember that all of this time, the President of Small Victories has been telling people that she is a Registered Nurse,  and that she has been married to one man her whole life.  When she is not in fact a Registered Nurse, and she herself is divorced. Take special note of the fact that the President of Small Victories says "if that's your real name", and consider that she herself is using a different name than she was using in 1976.
Aftermath of a spitting attack on another Pro-Lifer.
This button will take you to