If a pro-lifer were to go to Hope Clinic for the first time today,
they might be perplexed and disturbed at the division there between pro-lifers.  This concern is quite legitimate. 

What they would not realize though is that for years, the
leaders of Small Victories have attacked and offended many other pro-lifers, leaving them confused and hurt.  Suddenly, they are now
enemies of Small Victories, and they may not even know why.  Some of them have sought reconciliation with the leadership of Small Victories and are ignored or found themselves under further attack.  Others do not want the hassle and simply stop going to Hope Clinic.  This has been going on for years, reducing the number of pro-lifers there, while adding to the long list of people Small Victories has offended and/or hurt*. 

While the leadership of Small Victories may give lip service to reconciliation, when they are pressed to actually follow through,
they have shown a consistent unwillingness to do this, by repeatedly cancelling meetings, refusing to show up at meetings and not returning phone calls.  A typical tactic they use is to discredit the other party to excuse themselves from having to reconcile. 

Here are some examples of what they might say and have said in the past:

*The other party does not go to the clinic as frequently
or as many years as Small Victories and therefore they
don’t have to reconcile with them.”
Where did they get that idea? 
God is no respecter of persons! 
Forgiveness and reconciliation are required for all
of God’s people, especially leaders!

*They say the other party is not interested in reconciliation.  (Doesn’t the Bible say they should still try anyway?)

*They say the other party isn’t really pro-life. 
Are you serious?? 
Where would you get that idea from anyway?
Even if they aren’t pro-life, and they are offended because
you spit in their face, shouldn’t you still at least apologize
for it?  

*They say the other party is only in it for the money.
How do you know that? 
What evidence do you have? 
What does that have to do with it? Also, see excuse above.

They may come up with a myriad of other excuses for not reconciling, but the Bible doesn’t excuse us for not trying at all unless the other person is physically dead! 

The Acid Test
Some might think that this could not possibly describe the
Small Victories that they know.  They might believe that if there
was a genuine offense that involved Small Victories, then the leadership would behave as honorable Christian leaders ought
to, even if it meant facing an unpleasant situation. 
We challenge you to put the leadership of Small Victories to the test on this.  However, this can take considerable courage.

While you don’t have to look too far to find people that they
have offended*, talking to the leadership of Small Victories about specific situations is much more difficult.  You may get a general willingness from one or more of them to talk, but a general willingness reconciles nothing!  Ask for action. 

WARNING:  Do not take this step unless you have the
courage to see the leadership of Small Victories for who they are!  This is when they turn on people! 

They completely refuse to reconcile or issue apologies for their offensive behavior, even when they have been directly approached, told they offended someone, and been humbly asked to apologize. This shows they are not fit to be leaders of any Christian ministry.

*If you are interested in submitting your experience with Small Victories and their leadership, please see the Contact Us section.
See list of Incidents and offenses here.

Small Victories Refuses Reconciliation
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