The leaders of Small Victories have often described themselves as "Gentle Warriors", and said that she wants only to “love on” women going into the abortion clinic.  The videos below were shot by a young woman going to Hope Clinic for an abortion in late 2005 or early 2006.  She posted these on YouTube and is not affiliated with Small Victories Exposed, LLC in any way. These videos are merely the illustration of how the leader of Small Victories speaks when crowds of donors to her ministry are not around. 

The leader of Small Victories has often accused other ministries of “driving the women into the clinic” to get away from judgment and condemnation.  Who is doing the condemning and judging in these videos?  It is this author’s opinion that there is no real “loving” going on in these videos, even though the name of Jesus is thrown in a few times.

The videos seem to be posted out of order.  Video 018 seems like it would’ve been at the beginning when the young woman is getting out of the car to enter the clinic, yet videos 020 and 021 come after it and video 015 & 016 are definitely after she is out of the car and before she enters the clinic.  However, we here at SVE have tried to post them in order.

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Jan 015   23 seconds long

The president of Small Victories in red jacket standing on sidewalk.

Unintelligible.  “Aren’t; you a little old to be making babies with these girls?!
Shame on you, shame on you!  Just like the getaway driver in a robbery!” Pause while a man yells at woman in red jacket.  Man yells  “Yeah, just blow it off!”  “You shouldn’t have brought her, she looks like a freak!”   Man yells sarcastically “Thank you, oh thank you! Come on!”  The president of Small Victories continues  “That’s wrong!  Now you are going to be the grandfather of a dead baby!”
Man off camera:: Hey Jess come on."

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Jan 016   4 seconds long

The president of Small Victories in red jacket standing on sidewalk

“Incest?!  Is that your baby Grandpa?”

As a side bar, how many times do you the reader think this approach has been successful?

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Jan 017   22 seconds long

The president of Small Victories in red jacket standing on sidewalk

“You’re crying out for help!  You’re crying out for help, honey!”  Young woman’s voice talking over the president of Small Victories, “It’s actually to distract people from the fact that I don’t get a haircut very often.”  The president of Small Victories now yelling “How many piercings do you have?  How many tattoos, cause you need help!”

Young woman saying to someone off camera, “I don’t have either.”  Sound of soft chuckling, and young man’s voice saying,
“Don’t worry about it, they’re the freaks standing out there.” 
Young woman answers, “Oh, I know.” 
The president of Small Victories has continued yelling “You need Jesus!  You need Jesus!  Let’s take her picture, let’s put it up on the website with her car so they can see”… unintelligible and fades away.

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Jan 018   8 seconds long

Woman standing with sun behind her.

Woman is saying through an open car door,  “ When you see my picture, remember what I said.  Every time you see my picture remember what I said."  While we at Small Victories Exposed find nothing wrong with this approach, we do feel the need to point out that the woman in this video has since distanced herself from Small Victories and their tactics.

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Jan 020    16 seconds long

The president of Small Victories standing in front of ministry van.

“Jesus.  He’s the only way.  He is the way the truth and the life...UNINTELLIGIBLE   You’re dying your hair because you lack love, but that’s not going to get you love.  Looking for love in all the wrong places. You need Jesus.  Daddy…” fades away.

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Jan 021   15 seconds long

The President of Small Victories standing in front of ministry van.

“I know that this is not the first time you have crawled up on that table, I know that.”
“Many women regret their abortions, that is why they’re out doing what you do, looking for attention, trying to shock people with your hair…” fades away

Unidentifed Man's voice:" I'll need to see some ID."

At the end a man’s voice says ” Jess, Jesse, come on.”

This is the type of behavior and response you can expect to see when the biggest donors to Small Victories are not around.

It is this type of behavior that is displayed to both potential clients of the abortion clinic and other pro-lifers that has become the problem.

While the President of Small Victories says that they were convicted about this behavior several years ago, it is clear that this behavior has not stopped, as it is being witnessed even today by other pro-lifers and witnesses in front of Hope Clinic.

The real question here is, how many women would turn around and open a discussion about the dangers of abortion and the benefits of choosing life, after they have had this type of comment directed at them, in this tone of voice?
For that matter, when they see someone who is supposed to be a Christian leader, speaking and acting this way towards another Christian, or one of their "followers", what does that say about the Love of Christ, and the exhibition of the fruits of the Spirit?

Really, how many women and men will always remember the name of Jesus Christ being used as a weapon against them, after they have witnessed this type of behavior being directed at them in this way?

Soft, Gentle and Loving?
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