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Some have questioned the anonymity of this website, calling its authors "cowards,""collaborators",  "rebellious sons of Korah" and other derogatory names. This article will address our reasons for anonymity.

There are two main reasons for taking this approach:

Small Victories has a reputation of violence towards others and will not hesitate to attack innocent parties. This website documents this in the video section, among others. The authors of are well aware of Small Victories’ history and feel it prudent to use this small measure to protect others at this time.

2) We want our readers to focus on the evidence, not the messenger. When people don't like the message, they tend to go after the messenger. If they can discredit the messenger, then maybe they don't have to face the substance of the message. But the truth is the truth regardless of who says it, whether they be Baptist, Catholic, or even atheist. We want people to take a hard look at the documentation presented in this website so they can be informed about Small Victories without being distracted as to who authored it.

One observation we have made is that the same people that have criticized us for being anonymous consistently ignore the issues and
hard evidence presented here. That tells us that they are not interested in the truth about what Small Victories does, but in only defending their perceptions of Small Victories. That only tells us that they will attack us whether or not we are anonymous. Galatians 4:16 says "So have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?" Criticizing us for exposing truth is not rational because it applies a double standard. For example, the leaders of Small Victories regularly call to account both so-called Christians who are customers at Hope Clinic as well as other pro-lifers and pro-life ministries. Yet when someone like us attempts to call to account Small Victories, we are attacked and criticized. Are the leaders of Small Victories so valuable that they can sin with impunity, without repentance, and without seeking reconciliation, and there are no consequences? Does the Bible teach that Christian leaders are immune to accountability as long as they do some good, regardless of the extent of their sin?

As the introductory page mentions, this website is a last resort. All reasonable avenues have been attempted to reconcile and Small Victories refuses. We heartily welcome any attempts the leaders of Small Victories would personally make towards reconciliation, and strongly urge people to pray for their repentance and full restoration. Going after the messenger while ignoring obvious evidence may win points with Small Victories, but demonstrates a lack of principle and commitment to the truth.

When the lives of the unborn are at stake, blind loyalty to an unrepentant ministry is unacceptable while there exist solid, godly and legitimate pro-life ministries in the area that desperately need help both financially and in manpower. Supporters of Small Victories may be uninformed about the tactics Small Victories employs when no one is watching (please read other sections of this website). It is easy to only see their sweet smiles and read their encouraging reports, but have no idea of the level of damage being done to the pro-life movement by this group. Supporters need to become educated on these issues and demand answers regarding the unanswered questions surrounding Small Victories’ finances (also documented on this website). It is our hope that they can get these answers by focusing on the message and not the messenger.

Statement of Anonymity
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